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David's story is a little different than some. While finishing high school in a small rural town in central Illinois, David gravitated to creative outlets like sketching, painting and sculpting. Being lucky enough to have one of the first Apple Macintosh computers with Photoshop at home, this is how he discovered digital design in its beginnings. 

After high school, David had to make a decision to either work part time jobs and struggle to put himself through community college or put off an education for the military. Choosing the military as path to afford a college education, he began a different type of artistic training in the culinary field for the U.S. Navy.  Becoming a chef gave him an appreciation for working in multiple mediums.
Fast-forward many years of hard work and self realization, David is now a designer and a maker of products. While working with a few agencies and corporations, David had the honor to develop products and services for companies such as Panera, Gonnella, Hyatt, Plycraft, AT&T & Motorola. 
For the past 4 and a half years, David has assisted in creating new products as Art Director and a Lead UX/UI Designer at Sears Holdings digital department (IMX) in Chicago and lead UX/UI designer for mobile and desktop platforms for Craftsman & Kenmore. During this time, he became a high-level performer and subject matter expert on Adobe Experience Manager while working on the Sears, (KCD) Craftsman/Kenmore/Diehard website migrations & visual design standards.

David was very adept at solving design problems, user and marketing-focused solutions. David not only did a tremendous job working out the migration user flow and interface design details for both Craftsman.com and Kenmore.com, he did so SIMULTANEOUSLY. 

The KCD business unit could not be happier with the team's design work lead by David. The fresh look of the site and user flow in the new AEM environment has brought an increase in sales and engagement across both experiences. His dedication to quality work makes him a consistent go-to consultant and problem solver on the team.

His latest challenge is leading the user experience team at EXPRESS in Columbus Ohio. His primary role is to define a design process and core experience that works for the user and the business stakeholders.  At the same time implementing new design systems and software to bring a consistent visual language for multiple new B2C experiences. He practices a holistic UX process while leading a small and agile team of designers to define new and dynamic solutions while adhering to consistent standards through the e-commerce funnel.

Stay tuned for what comes next!
"David, I really appreciate how you are constantly pushing us to try to take it to the next level (most of the time we do not even realize that you are doing it.)

Thank you for respecting who we are as a brand, but constantly iterating to find ways for us to grow.  I look forward to continue seeing you lead!"

— Charis Marquez · Director of KCD Digital and E-Commerce
"David came in and helped take a mediocre design provided by a third party agency and make the page exciting and a WOW experience for our members for sure! David not only Shows Pride in his work but he also demonstrated Owning it to me. He is a team player, patient and fast! I am so glad to have him on my team."

—John Burger · Senior UX Project Manager at Sears Holdings Corporation
"David showed remarkable initiative in designing the ux & creative concepts for several different test & learns developed for our digital channel marketing on sears.com. He took on these responsibilities outside of his normal workload, and showed quick response, an understanding and appreciation for the needed mock-ups and continued interest in ensuring our team succeeded in integrating the experience designs he produced across the various digital channels. Kudos to him for stepping up, taking the lead and showing initiative."

—Rahim Poonja · Director of Marketing Strategy at Sears Holdings Corporation
"David is a pleasure to work with and always goes beyond what is asked by him. He is talented and is a true leader."

—Eryn Cech· Senior Product Manager at Arrow Electronics
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